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False Lashes vs Growth Serum

Many people looking for striking lashes choose to have false eyelashes applied but there are other options that achieve similar results, as well as having some additional benefits over false lashes. Growth serum is becoming increasingly popular, as more people are trying it and are pleased with the way it naturally transforms their lashes.

Here are some of the reasons more people are switching to growth serum:

Less time consuming

Applying your own lashes is very fiddly and can take a while to get them placed correctly. There is also the chance that the glue can get stuck on your lashes or even in your eye. Many people prefer to go to a beauty salon to get their lashes applied but this comes with a number of other disadvantages, including needing to make time and book an appointment.

No visit to the salon required

As well as being more convenient to use growth serum at home, over the last year beauty salons have been closed for a large amount of that time due to lockdown measures. Growth serum has given people an alternative way to give their lashes more volume and length, without needing a trip to the salon. You can even order your growth serum online to get delivered next day to your address, so there is no need to even leave the house.

Re-usable lashes require a lot of maintenance

False lashes need to be removed at night and they also need to be cleaned and dried if you have a set that can be re-used. If you do not clean them properly, you risk getting an eye infection, so you need to carefully cleanse and dry your false lashes. Some people also have an allergic reaction to the glue in false lashes, so that is another issue to be mindful of.

Fake lashes also have a tendency to fall out or start to come off at one end, requiring you to reglue them. You also need to try and avoid getting false eyelashes wet, so showering can ruin the lashes, unless you take them off when you shower.

False lashes can damage your natural lashes

While growth serum helps to nurture your natural lashes, wearing false lashes can damage your lashes, with some people complaining of being left with stubby, brittle lashes after regular wearing of fake lashes. With lash growth serum, breakage and shredding is reduced as the ingredients help to strengthen your natural lashes, keeping them healthier.

Lashfactor London has been developed in research laboratories, containing volume-building nano-polymers that lead to an increase in lash volume and length, when the serum is applied and absorbs into the lashes. It can be used for both lashes and eyebrows to give a darker and more prominent appearance, enhancing natural beauty rather than using artificial treatments.

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