The Science

Ground-Breaking Nanotechnology

Our Eye Serums are developed at state-of-the-art GLP accredited cosmetic research laboratories that incorporates ground-breaking nanotechnology where the ingredients have undergone an advanced particle size reduction process to give particle sizes of less than 50 nanometres. Such tiny potent nanoparticles are absorbed almost 20 times greater and faster with results seen in as quickly as a few weeks!

Made by real scientists

Our Lash & Brow Rapid Growth Serums are formulated with a lash-caring complex & revolutionary ingredients that are thoroughly tested for eye and skin safety. 

These are blended into unique Volume-Building Nano-Polymers that gently absorb into the roots of the eyelashes and eyebrows leading to a denser, thicker look, with visible increase in volume, length and prominence. 

These volume-building potent nanoparticles are absorbed rapidly into the roots of eyelashes and eyebrows which provides a perfect look for voluminous, and beautiful lashes and brows...with quicker and more prominent results.

In our Under Eye Gel Serum, the plant-based natural ingredients are also subjected to particle size reduction to give potent nanoparticles that are absorbed better and faster into the skin, providing deeper skin penetration. 

This allows for greater spread across the target skin site and significantly improved bioavailability, leading to quicker and more prominent results. Our researchers have designed this technology specially for the delicate skin around the eyes after thorough dermatological and ophthalmological testing.

Plant-Based Power Ingredients

Our Under Eye Gel Serum contains carefully curated, safety tested and scientifically proven plant-based natural ingredients that are thoroughly tested for safety on the skin around the eyes.