The Magic Ingredients: Lashfactor

Lashfactor… The Magic Ingredients!

Longer, fuller and darker lashes and brows in just 4 weeks… But what exactly is it that makes Lashfactor one of the best growth serums? All those scientific terms on the ingredients list can be quite confusing, so we’re here to explain how our expert formula delivers amazing results… Naturally! 
The strength & length… Hydroxy Propyl Methylcellulose – or HMPC for short!  
HMPC is basically an intense moisturiser, that conditions and hydrates your lashes and brows. Thanks to our patented applicator and formula, the HMPC is absorbed directly into the root which allows the hair follicle to provide thicker growth. It also coats the hair, to provide extra strength! This added strength increases the average lifespan of your lashes and brows, which allows them to grow for longer. 
The darkening effect… SPDH & Benzalkonium Chloride! 
These two ingredients are specialised pigments that are absorbed into the root, to allow for a natural darkening effect over time. Unlike traditional tints, with Lashfactor, your lashes and brows won’t lose their colour with washing and cleansing – this is because the tint is natural rather than just a standard dye! 
Results in just 4 weeks… Nanotechnology! 
With most other serums, you can expect to see results around the 7 to 8 weeks mark… But with Lashfactor, you’ll have noticeable results in half of that time! This is thanks to the use of nanotechnology. Using nanotech, Lashfactor is absorbed up to 20 times faster than other serums, so it can get to work right away!
Designed for sensitive skin & eco-lovers… Hypoallergenic & Vegan!  
Sadly, for people with sensitive skin, many lash and brow growth serums are out of the question… but not Lashfactor! Our expert serum was developed by a team of ophthalmologists and is free from fragrances & parabens. Every batch is rigorously tested in accredited UK-based laboratories to ensure the highest possible quality, so you don’t have to worry about your eyes getting irritated! As well as this, Lashfactor uses entirely vegan ingredients and is never tested on animals – so the planet is happy, and your lashes & brows are too! 
 Our expert serum uses a blend of pigments and minerals to enhance your lashes & brows naturally. With Lashfactor, you don’t need falsies or extensions – simply apply along the root, every night after cleansing for real results in a matter of weeks. Still want to wear falsies? No worries – Lashfactor the perfect way to support your lashes from the root, to keep them strong and hydrated even with falsies lashes or extensions. 
Start your #LashfactorJourney today!  

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