Myths About Eyelash Growth: Lashfactor

Myths About Eyelash Growth

There are a lot of different myths about eyelash growth and if you want to have healthy, prominent lashes, knowing the truths about eyelash growth, rather than believing the myths is your first starting point.

You might have had advice from people regarding eyelash care that is based around myths, so being able to know the science, rather than old wives’ tales, is the best way to look after your lashes.

We’ve put some of those myths to bed:

Vaseline does not help eyelash growth

If you have heard that applying Vaseline onto eyelashes helps growth, forget that advice because it is not true. Using petroleum jelly has often been discussed as a possible way to help eyelashes grow because the oily texture reflects in the light.

Trimming lashes does not stimulate growth

A common myth is that cutting your hair stimulates growth and some people also believe the same applies to eyelashes. Cutting your lashes will definitely not stimulate growth, so do not ever be tempted to cut your lashes.

Regular brushing is not a good idea

Brushing your lashes does help to untangle and straighten your lashes out but doing it too often can damage your lashes and cause them to thin out. Brushing should be kept to a minimum and a soft lash brush should be used, to reduce the possibility of damage. People who sleep on their front or side will often find their lashes get crumpled, so some gentle brushing can help to rectify this and straighten them out but do not overdo it.

Natural oils do not moisturise lashes

Similar to the Vaseline myth, using natural oils such as coconut oil or castor oil will not moisturise your lashes and there is no reliable scientific evidence to suggest that applying these types of oils will benefit your lashes.

The best way to look after your eyelashes and stimulate growth is to use a growth serum such as Lashfactor. The serum helps you to achieve longer, fuller and darker lashes and brows and takes around four weeks to make a really noticeable difference.

The uniquely formulated Lashfactor serum has been developed by cosmetic research specialists, based on years of lash research and using the latest technology.

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