Flawless skin care routine: Lashfactor

Our secret to a flawless skincare routine

Are you ready to wake up and start your Summer skincare routine? Not only is finding the right products important for your morning skincare routine, but to achieve flawless skin, knowing how to apply and layer them is essential.

Step 1: Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse

Start with a clean slate. There is no better way to prepare your skin for the day than through cleansing. Lightly cleansing your skin in the morning will remove dead skin and bacteria. If you tend to have dry skin, simply using water to cleanse your skin can help wash away the dirt.

Step 2: It’s all about the eyes!

Sleepless night? Reduce the appearance of dark circles, puffy eyes, hollowness, eye bags and eye wrinkles with Lashfactor Under Eye Gel Serum. The skin near your eyes is often one of the first areas to show signs of exhaustion or ageing. The skin by your under-eye is delicate and light. This is where the application of products which have been specifically developed for this region is critical.

How to use:

It is strongly recommended to cleanse skin around your eyes before use. Afterwards, gently dab the serum into the skin beneath and close to the eye area in a clockwise motion until immersed.

For maximum results, the serum can be used twice a day (morning and evening). When applied in the morning, an appropriate facial cream or lotion can be applied just after followed by any makeup. For best results, apply the serum leaving it overnight and do not rinse off.

Step 3: Moisturise

It’s time to give your skin the hydration boost it needs (especially in the Summer sun). There’s no better way of locking in all of the goodness. After all, there’s no such thing as being too hydrated!

Step 4: Protect your skin!

Protecting your skin from the sun is critical against skin damage and burn. Your morning routine should always include applying sunscreen!

Benefit of adding Serum to your morning routine:

The thing that most people ask themselves before attempting a serum is, how do they work? They’re still a slightly taboo topic, but we’re here to put any questions you may have to bed. One of the most obvious distinctions between serums, creams and gels is that they pierce the skin much quicker and more efficiently. Not only that, but they’re also smoothly immersed into the skin, making them optimal for use under makeup. This comes in handy when factoring in your Summer skincare routine. Their effectiveness and longevity have added value in the long term, whilst also allowing you to reap the full benefits in Autumn and Winter.

The Under Eye Gel serum is based on inventive biocellular formula, containing carefully prepared, safety tested and scientifically verified plant-based natural components that are comprehensively sampled for protection of the skin around the eyes. The Lashfactor serum not only works as a moisturiser but also includes anti-ageing antioxidants, skin illuminating agents and naturally occurring ultra-moisturising ingredients. These include vitamin A (retinol), vitamin C, Aquaxyl, Glutathione, Ginseng, Niacinamide and vitamin E. All of which are rapidly absorbed into the skin around the eyes giving highly prominent results.

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