Thinking of getting a Lash Lift?  Think Again: Lashfactor

Thinking of getting a Lash Lift? Think Again...

The Low Down on Lash Lifting 
Lash lifts are quick and easy way to define your eyes. Often giving dramatic results, lash lifts act like a perm to provide a long-lasting curl for your lashes – usually lasting around three to four weeks! One of the key benefits of lash lifting is that it doesn’t disappear after showering, cleansing or even swimming. But just how safe is a lash lift? And does it work on naturally pale lashes?  

But What is a Lash Lift??? 

Like hair perming, lash lifting is a treatment that uses a specific chemical to curl your lashes. Beauticians will stick a little pad to your eyelid, along the root line of your upper lashes, cleanse your lashes and apply a perming solution sticking each lash to the pad above. Like with any perms, you’ll have to lie and wait for a little while for the solution to set but once it has, the beautician will take the pad off and you should have beautifully curled lashes!  

So, What are the Issues with Lash Lifting? 

Well, and perhaps most annoyingly, you can’t get your lashes wet within the first 24-hours of having the treatment – as it may deactivate the ingredient in the perming solution! The other thing is that it isn’t permanent, and it can be quite expensive depending on where you go – usually a minimum of £35.  Lashfactor is less expensive! 
Besides cost and faff, many people want to know “can it ruin my lashes?”. The short answer, like many treatments, yes it can damage your lashes – particularly if you have a DIY Eyelash Lifting Kit. So, what are the main issues? 


As you can imagine, eye irritation is a real issue when putting any mild chemical near your eyes. Any good beautician will do a patch test to make sure that you aren’t allergic or react badly to the chemicals used. But, as sometimes your eyes are more sensitive, there is a small possibility of redness, irritation, dry eyes or inflammation if you do have a reaction to the solution.  

Lash Loss… 

This is a very rare experience but, if the treatment is done wrong, there is a possibility of losing lashes! Typically, this only happens if the solution is left on for too long or severe allergic reaction. Any trained beautician knows how to carry out these treatments so, to avoid issues, go to a reputable salon/beautician. 

Over-Curled Eyelashes… 

Another common issue is lashes being over-curled – which is often due to the beautician and not the perm itself. Your beautician will typically assess the length and width of pad you need, to help curl your lashes. But, if they choose one that is the wrong size, this could affect how curled your lashes are. This can generally be avoided by, again, going to a reputable beautician. 

Dry & Brittle Lashes… 

A common side-effect, after a lash lift, is dry and brittle lashes. As you can imagine, applying a perming chemical to your lashes isn’t the most hydrating thing! Generally, your lashes won’t break if they’re well looked after. Again, if the solution is left on for too long, they may be more likely to break! To avoid this, make sure you go to a well-reviewed beautician and use Lashfactor to keep your lashes strong and healthy! 

Using Lashfactor with a Lash Lift? 

After the first 24-hours it is totally fine to use a lash serum, like Lashfactor, in fact… We strongly recommend it! Using Lashfactor is a great way to rehydrate your lashes, after getting a lift, to help keep them strong and healthy – plus you’ll get a length boost and a darker shade!  
If you decide to get a lash lift, one of the great things about using Lashfactor is the natural tint it provides. Your lashes will appear darker, so you don’t have to pay extra for a chemical tint. Lashfactor will help to keep your lashes strong from the root, so you won’t have to worry about your lashes breaking after a lift! 
The thing is, Lashfactor is a great way to boost the look of your lashes naturally. In four weeks, you’ll have longer, fuller and darker lashes. Because your lashes will be longer, they will also appear more curled too! Why not give natural a go and start your Lashfactor journey here? 

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