We are painting the Town Red! Now launching with the revolutionary ingredient Redensyl, introducing Lashfactor Red!

We are painting the Town Red! Now launching with the revolutionary ingredient Redensyl, introducing Lashfactor Red!

Eyelash and eyebrow loss can be devastating and may be embarrassing for some people. Many ingredients claim to be the secret to lash and brow health, but it can take time to make sense of all the eyelash and brow loss treatments on the market. Lashfactor Red is a new lash and brow growth serum that will make waves in the beauty industry for its revolutionary ingredient, Redensyl. Lashfactor Red has been developed to fight the effects of thinning lashes and brows by accelerating the growth rate of lashes and brows, so here is a breakdown of what it is, and how it can help you.



What is Redensyl?

Redensyl is a blend of plant extracts, water, and glycerin, but the real power of Redensyl comes from DHQG (Dihydroquercetin-glucoside), which triggers stem cell activation and division without having to do stem cell therapy! This is how it helps your lashes and brows to grow so much faster when used regularly. The DHQG also protects stem cells from dying and boosts the metabolism of the surrounding cells that support their growth. Also, included in the latest technology is EGCG2, which is a unique plant compound that gets a lot of attention for its potential positive impact on health, and is also derived from green tea – we all are aware of the benefits of green tea, in addition it helps reduce inflammation and nurture a healthier scalp environment, which is more favourable to hair growth.

According to the Philpott Study, Redensyl increased hair growth by over 200% in just ten days compared to untreated hair! That's almost two times more success than using Minoxidil, the benchmark reference (which has many adverse side effects). Redensyl has also been proven to give better results compared to traditional hair transplantation surgery, making it perfect for women with sparse eyelashes or eyebrows, because if you can re-grow a full head of hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows, it should be easy work, right?

Lashfactor Red Redensyl: Lashfactor


Redensyl is a powerful solution for eyelash and eyebrow loss, the serum is formulated with a high concentration of biotin, which is essential for healthy hair growth. Biotin is also known to promote healthy skin and nails, which means it's excellent for health & beauty overall!

Redensyl contains no fillers, parabens, or other harmful chemicals that can cause allergic reactions or other side effects. It's made from 100% natural, safe ingredients for all skin types.

Many women who have used Redensyl compounds have reported significant improvement in the appearance of their eyelashes and eyebrows within a few weeks. This powerful ingredient will supply the body with the nutrients required to produce new hair follicles and nourish existing ones!

Lashfactor Red (containing Redensyl) is a revolutionary lash and brow serum that has proven to grow eyelashes and eyebrows significantly, all due to working the newly discovered plant-based compounds. It also contains zinc and glycine, which nourish the matrix, triggering faster hair growth, it has been clinically proven to give outstanding results in male pattern balding — showing almost two times better results compared to Minoxidil! It’s also proven to give better achievements than hair transplant surgery, making it perfect for women who want to achieve fuller eyelashes and brows naturally.

Lashfactor Red


We think you will love our revolutionary eyebrow and eyelash serum. It's why we feel so confident with the innovative formulation of Lashfactor Red, our latest lash and brow growth serum. Simply apply it on washed and cleansed lashes and brows, as part of our daily skin care routine. I guess we have got you quite excited now, don't worry, the wait is over, order yours today! SHOP NOW

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